Austin Taylor


Released Titles

End of the Mine


End of the Mine is a 2D side scrolling plat-former that features a unique combat and player experience.

The development of End of the Mine took place from August 2015 - October 2016 (released on Steam October 28th 2016). I was one of the founders of Skirmish Entertainment, a start up company that was put together during the development of the game.

My role on End of the Mine was to ensure all functionality for the game was operating properly. Besides the most of the Bosses in the game and the audio system, I implemented and supported all of the systems in the game.

Made with Unity

End of the mine game play trailer 


Endless Mine

Endless Mine is a free action-packed mobile game for iOS and Android. Use two touch controls to tap to shoot your way past a horde of enemies and survive as long as you can! 

The development of Endless Mine took place from April 2016 - August 2016, during the development of End of the Mine. For this project i worked as a programmer and Game Designer.  

On the programming side i worked on the iOS and android compatibility. My job was to implement and insure the functionality of Leader boards, ads, and micro transactions between both platforms.

In terms of Game Design, I designed the overall Game play, and Orchestrated the pipeline for creating new content.

Made with Unity

An interview with me and Touch Arcade while at PAX Prime(2016)



GeoFury is a survival game developed for the android market. Geometric shapes rain down on to the player, forcing them to evade for as long as possible. Solo developer on this project all art and programming was handle by myself.

Made with Unity

GeoFury Game play